There is more to batik than meets the eye.

People have the misconception that this medium of art only involves painting on cloth.However, producing batik could involve techniques such as salt, sugar, crackling and layering methods.Tucked in a busy street in George Town are two little shops. One of the shops has a rather unique visitor welcome sign ‘a gallery where you are the artist’.

Artist and entrepreneur Rozana Mohamed, 53, believed in that phrase and wanted to share her 29 years of batik-designing experience with the community. “Personally, I have the interest to learn about batik. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM). I love painting and I took part in many art exhibitions. So when I decided to try my hand on batik-designing, it was not that difficult. I just had to ‘switch medium’,” the Johor-born batik designer said.

She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree from UiTM from 1984 to 1988. After her studies Rozana became a full-time artist in Johor Bahru before accompanying her husband to the United States from 1990 to 1993. She then returned to Malaysia to resume her career as an artist and designer.

Rozana spends most of her time at her studio in Lebuh Acheh creating new and captivating batik designs. “About 90% of the batik products featured hand-drawn motifs; hence, the designs are unique. I choose motifs that are very close to me so the designs are rather special,” she said.

Rozana added: “We do have classes for those who wished to learn basic batik painting.” Spotted at her studio were foreign participants who were striving to tap on their creative juices. Sadly, most of the people who showed interest in batik designing are foreigners, not locals.Rozana said more efforts are needed to encourage the younger generation to appreciate the art of batik.

Rozana’s Batik in Lebuh Acheh is open from noon to 6pm (Monday to Saturday) for those who wished to join her classes. There are more than 100 designs for students to pick from. Among the famous designs are the Malayan tiger, tapir, turtle and other subjects that symbolise Malaysia. She also has a souvenir shop located next to her studio. For details, visit Rozana’s Batik on Facebook or call 014-247 5347.



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